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We have Victoria Stone available for Custom Jewelry!

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Welcome to the Gemtree Creative Designs website. We design and create sterling silver jewelry in addition to offering items from the well-respected jewelry supplier MMA International. Our online store features hundreds of items and it’s fully searchable so you can find just what you want. Select a gift from MMA International's Silver Stars Collection of fine jewelry featuring bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and other great items. Or choose a one of a kind sterling silver piece that we’ve created here at Gemtree. We also produce some excellent fashion jewelry at reduced prices. All the jewelry produced in our studio, including the fashion jewelry, contains unique cabochons that are cut from our private stock of handpicked premium quality rough lapidary material. We take the time to give each cabochon a glass like finish that brings out the full color and beauty of the source mineral. We invite you to look through our website, see some examples of our work, learn about the materials we use, and see how to care for silver jewelry. You can also read about a material called Victoria Stone, find out why it is so rare, and see photos of it in rough form and in our finished jewelry. Then visit our online store for a safe and secure shopping experience.

Silver Jewelry Design

We can create custom silver jewelry based on a design you create, or we can help you turn an idea into something special. Start by selecting from over 100 types of stone we have available. We'll cut your selection(s) to size and shape, polish to a mirror finish, then set the stone(s) in the satin or high polish custom silver setting of your choice. Send us an e-mail if you're interested and we'll get you the details on how to start.

Update 02/15/2015 - Visit our new store

It took us longer than expected, but our new e-Commerce site is now online and ready for business. Come take a look at:

Update 11/02/2015 - Part 2 of our Victoria Stone Series!

Part 2 of our 4 part series on Victoria Stone has been has been delayed while we redesign our web site. The new site should be published by late 2015, part 2 will be available at that time.

We appreciate your understanding in regards to any publication delay.

Click here to access Part 1 of the Victoria Stone series

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Deep Indigo Victoria Stone Cuff Set


Deep Indigo Victoria Stone Cuff and Earring Set

Part #: SS-VSIB-CE-A1

Sterling silver cuff and earring set featuring Indigo Blue (Deep Indigo) Victoria Stone (VS). The synclastic sterling silver cuff has dark patina oval recess with five indigo blue VS in the center, three dark patina recesses on each side, and ten decorative sterling silver shot accents. This set contains 7 Deep Indigo Victoria Stones! It is being offered at this low price for a limited time only. * jewelry box included

Sorry, this item was sold

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Pink Rhodochrosite Cuff


Pink Rhodochrosite Sterling Silver Wire Style Cuff

Part #: SS-RH-WCF-A1

This sterling silver cuff features 4 mm wide heavy silver wire and a large 31 x 22 mm arrow shaped Rhodochrosite stone set in a 40 x 30 mm outer frame with recessed frosted silver highlighting. The highly polished stone contains wonderful pink colors in a fantastic alternating pattern of light and dark shades.


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Victoria Stone Pendant Set


Green Victoria Stone Pendant and Earring Set

Part #: SS-VSG-PES-A2

Sterling silver pendant and earring set featuring beautiful Green Victoria Stone. The pendant measures 36 x 29 mm excluding bail, 44 mm high w/bail, and contains a large 25 x 18 mm 31.35 carat oval Green Victoria Stone in a split bezel that is smooth on the upper half and scalloped on the lower half. The earring design matches the design of the pendant. The pendant includes a 20 inch 1.2 millimeter sterling silver snake chain, a $40 value, and a 4 x 3 x 1 inch brown suede jewelry box.


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Green Victoria Stone Double Sided Pendant


Double Sided Green Victoria Stone Framed in a Sterling Silver Pendant

Part #: SS-VSG-P-A3

This sterling silver pendant measures 59 x 29 mm (w/bail) and features a 25 x 18 mm double sided Green Victoria Stone weighing over 50 carats that is 8.3 mm thick and polished on both sides. The sterling silver hammer textured outer frame is 40 mm high and 29 mm wide with a thickness of 2.5 x 2.5 mm. A 20 inch 1.2 mm sterling silver snake chain, valued at $40, and a black flocked jewelry box is included at no extra charge.


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Oval Malachite Copper Cuff


25mm x 18mm Malachite Bull's-Eye in a Copper Colored Brass Wave Cuff

Part #: GCD-ML2518CC

This piece has an absolutely gorgeous Malachite stone that features a perfectly centered triple bull's-eye pattern. This semi-precious gemstone has a mirror like finish that accentuates each of the concentric rings. Malachite (Copper Carbonate Hydroxide) is a secondary mineral found in the oxidation zone of copper deposits. The theme of this natural relationship to copper has been extended to the piece by setting the stone in an adjustable copper plated brass wave cuff. This creates a color combination that's both natural and stunning to look at. Rarely is a stone that exhibits a similar level of workmanship sold at this price.


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K2 Arrow Pendant


Pendant with K2 (Azurite in Granite) Gemstone

Part #: SS-K2-P-A1

This pendant is made with a newly discovered mineral that is mined within sight of the world's second highest mountain, K2 (Mount Godwin-Austen). The blue orbs in the material were only recently identified by lab testing as AZURITE. The pendant measures 38 x 17 mm (w/bail) and has a 30 x 17 mm arrow shaped K2 stone. The pendant includes a 20 inch 1.2 millimeter sterling silver snake chain, a $40 value, and a black flocked jewelry box.


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Ocean Jasper Cuff


20mm Ocean Jasper in a Gunmetal Colored Adjustable Brass Cuff

Part #:  GCD-OJ20RGC

The stone in this piece is rare orbicular "Ocean Jasper®". It comes from "The Mine of Marovato" which is located on the Ambolobozo Peninsula in the northwest corner of Madagascar. It was discovered at the waters edge along the sea coast in an area that has no roads, the only way to remove the material was by boat at low tide. Ocean Jasper was mined for six years before the last specimen was collected in 2006. We purchased the rough used in this stone directly from Madagascar Minerals at the Tucson Gem Show in 2004. Ocean Jasper of this caliber is becoming rare and difficult to find.


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Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Silver Cuff


25mm x 18mm Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Set in a Silver Colored Cuff

Part #: GCD-PC2518SC

This cuff has a beautiful Parrot Wing Chrysocolla stone made from rough stock that had been stored for over 30 years. The colors in this old material are an absolutely stunning combination of deep blue, green, and red. It is a very hard stone, completely natural and untreated, that has been polished to a glass finish and set in an silver colored adjustable brass cuff. The colors in this stone are guaranteed to draw attention to the lucky wearer.


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Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Gold Cuff


25mm x 18mm Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Set in a Gold Colored Cuff

Part #: GCD-PC2518GC

This cuff features another Parrot Wing Chrysocolla stone made from rough stock that had been hidden away for over 30 years. The colors in this Parrot Wing stone are a lovely blue with green and red accents. The gold colored adjustable wave cuff setting complements the highly polished stone to create a fantastic color combination. The gorgeous stone is 100% natural and untreated. Unlike most chrysocolla, this old stock material is very hard which allows it to take a beautiful shine. You really have to see it for real to believe.


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