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Victoria Stone - Series Part 1

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About Our Series

This is part 1 of a 4 part series of articles that is dedicated to sharing the information we’ve acquired on the synthesized gemstone known as Victoria Stone. Sometimes referred to as Iimori Stone, or Iimori Glass, the imitation gem is often recognized for its unique history as much as its beautiful appearance. Our original intent was to do research on Victoria Stone and gather information that would add some detail to the widely circulated story that’s been so popular on the Internet and in print. We thought if we got lucky we might be able to demystify some of the circumstances surrounding the production of Victoria Stone, or rather the absence of production. We had no idea that a majority of the information for this series would come directly from the family of Dr. Iimori, but that’s exactly what happened.

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A few months after we published our original website article on Victoria Stone we were contacted by a representative of the Iimori family. The representative asked us to correct several of the statements related to Dr. Iimori and Victoria Stone that appeared on our website. The family was aware of several inaccuracies in the popular stories about Victoria Stone and now they wished to have the inaccuracies corrected. After reading our website article they felt that we had a genuine interest in Dr. Iimori and thought we could help in the matter. We were both honored and thrilled to be contacted by the Iimori family, and were more than willing to help. In appreciation the Iimori family has provided us with detailed biographical information on Dr. Iimori, and they’ve given us their express permission to publish that information here on our website. In addition they were kind enough to review and approve the content you see here.

As a result we have the distinct honor of presenting the true history surrounding the creation of Victoria Stone. We’ll give you the details on its production in Japan, and why it was exported to North America. We'll tell you the real reason why production of Victoria Stone was stopped. And you'll learn how Victoria Stone was made. We aren't talking about the general description that you may be familiar with, we mean the details of the process. As significant as that may seem, we don’t feel it’s the most important part of what the Iimori family gave us to share. That distinction belongs to the story surrounding the life and work of Dr. Iimori, of which the creation of Victoria Stone is but a small part.

Although Dr. Iimori's invention of Victoria Stone may appear to some as the most significant of his achievements, they are outweighed by his scientific contributions in the fields of both Radiochemistry, and The Chemical Analysis Study of Rare Minerals. Much of the information presented in the last half of our series will focus on Dr. Iimori’s career. We do this in the sincere hope that after reading it you will recognize him not only for the synthesized gemstones he created, but for his overwhelming accomplishments as a renowned scientist in early to mid-twentieth century Japan.


We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Iimori family for providing us with access to the biographical material on Dr. Iimori and his work, for allowing us to make the material public in the U.S., and for their review and approval of the Victoria Stone series content presented on our website. We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Kobayashi who was both our contact with the Iimori family and our Japanese interpreter as we worked with them on this article. We simply would not have been able to bring this story to you without her assistance.

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