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Online Shopping Security

We make every attempt to provide a safe and secure internet shopping experience as all reputable ecommerce sites do. The Gemtree Creative Designs online store implements security in several different ways, the first being our use of a high-grade SSL certificate.

Browser Certificates

All transactions on our site are protected with up to 256-bit secure socket layer encryption (see sidebar below). This encryption is the security feature used to prevent interception of your credit card and personal information when it’s transmitted from your browser to our web servers. You can verify the security of your transaction anytime during checkout by confirming the small padlock appears on your browser’s URL line along with the “HTTPS://” prefix on our web address. We also display our SSL security seal at the bottom of our site pages as a reminder that your transactions are protected on our site.

HTTPS Indicator


Sidebar – Web Browser Encryption Levels

We say up to 256-bit because the level of protection is really based on the internet browser that you're using and the capabilities of the Web server the website you're connecting to resides on. Some older browser versions combined with some web sites may not provide 256-bit encryption. In some cases the level of encryption protection may be downgraded to 128-bit, 56-bit, or even 40-bit encryption. Their may not be much you can do about the Web server piece of this equation, but you can make sure you're running a browser capable of supporting the highest encryption levels available. We highly suggest that anyone purchasing merchandise or services over the internet upgrade to a recent version of their preferred browser so they can take advantage of the higher levels of protection when offered. All newer versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera have the capability to use 256-bit encryption for web transactions. We want you to have the most secure shopping experience there is so we've provided update links for the most popular browsers below. If you're using an older browser consider updating to a newer version before making your next online transactions.

Website Malware Scans

Another step in providing the safe and secure shopping experience is making sure our own Gemtree website isn’t a victim of cyber attacks or malware. This in turn helps to ensure you aren’t a victim of malware or harmful code which can spread from an infected ecommerce web server to your computer though the browser you use. Gemtree’s website is scanned for malware with a website protection site scanner on a daily bases to identify any threats that could pose a risk to our site or our customers. A seal of protection is posted on the site to let our customers know the site has passed its daily scan and continues to provide a safe platform for you to conduct your business on.

PCI Compliance

The credit card companies also need assurance that your credit card and personal information is safe when you do business with us online. That’s why Visa and other members of the credit card industry require compliance with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS). This ensures that we maintain a secure environment in which to process, store and transmit credit card information. Gemtree’s web servers are hosted on level 1 PCI-DSS compliant Host systems. Our web site undergoes a rigorous security scan every 90 days by the company ControlScan to ensure we meet the PCI-DSS requirements. Our PCI-DSS compliance information may be made available upon customer request to our customer service department.

Keeping Your Transactions Safe

Some of the other security measures we take deal with assuring the financial integrity of our customer is not placed in jeopardy, or harmed, when they make a credit card purchase on our site. We use a number of security controls to reduce the risk of transaction fraud by someone using your credit card without your knowledge or consent. Most of these controls are transparent to our customers and cause no transaction delays. However, on occasion we may need to contact a customer to verify the legitimate use of their credit card before we can complete their purchase transaction. We are aware this has the potential to impact some customers in a negative way. We are also aware that refusing to complete a transaction that was initiated using a stolen card has a much greater positive impact on a customer that has been the unknowing victim of card theft.

Our Commitment

Although total security is nearly impossible to achieve, we take pride in our effort to provide our customers with a safe shopping experience by implementing both web site and credit card security best practices to the greatest extent available. It’s just part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.